Jim Thompson Farm

18.12.2010 - 09.01.2011

Thai Silk Honored
Jim Thomson Farm, Phakthongchai, Nakhorn Rachsima

When : Dec 18, 2010 - Jan 9, 2011


Where : Jim Thomson Farm, Phakthongchai, Nakhorn Rachsima

Site : http://www.jimthompsonfarm.com/

Contact : 044-441-558 Ext. 3123.


Adult 80 Baht

Children 50 Baht

What / Why :

Jim Thompson opens ‘Ho Kum Koon’ - A Tribute to Pak Thong Chai as the Nation’s Major Silk-weaving District

Nakhon Ratchasima - The Thai Silk Company Limited (Jim Thompson) has recently opened a tourist information center called ‘Ho Kum Koon’ in the Pak Thong Chai district, Nakhon Ratchasima province, to provide information about Jim Thompson and contribute to the province’s tourism promotion, as well as to enhance the image of Pak Thong Chai as Thailand’s famous district for production of quality silk fabrics.

Mr. Tamrong Sawatwarakul, Production Director of the Thai Silk Company Limited, gives background of the tourist center: “Ho Kum Koon is intended to be the center of information about every aspect of Jim Thompson, ranging from the biography of Mr. James H.W. Thompson, the founder of the company who brought the magnificence of Thai silk to the eye of the world, evolution of Jim Thompson Thai Silk, Jim Thompson business from past till present, and attractions at Jim Thompson Farm. In addition, Ho Kum Koon will serve to promote tourism in Pak Thong Chai and echo the reputation of this district among tourists as a famous silk-weaving village, which will help create jobs and generate income to local communities in Pak Thong Chai.”

Ho Kum Koon Tourist Information Center is located at the entrance of the Thai Silk Company’s Pak Thong Chai factory. It is a single-storey building built in local architectural style. The design and proportions are taken from ‘Ho Jaek’ of Wat Khok Si Sa Ket temple in Nakhon Ratchasima, including height, sizes, and other design details such as interior and exterior use of round columns and the local-style gable detailing called ‘tawen’. Because the building functions differently from traditional use of this local architecture, certain modern elements have been integrated, including the building color of reddish brown which is architecturally the signature color of Jim Thompson. The interior is divided into an exhibition space to tell the history of Jim Thompson and an area for public relations of activities and attractions at Jim Thompson Farm, with staff to provide information and assistance to tourists.

Mr. Tamrong expresses his confidence that Ho Kum Koon will contribute substantially to the well-being of Pak Thong Chai residents, as suggested in the name of the building that, in Isan dialect, translates as ‘to support, uphold, assist, and provide service’. The name also denotes the seminal idea of Jim Thompson in forming close bonds with the local communities of Pak Thong Chai and the Isan region by helping improve their livelihood, creating jobs within local communities, and promoting and sustaining Isan cultural heritage!

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