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22.10.2010 11:15

Lamont celebrates 10 years
Lamont celebrates 10 years

LAMONT, the Bangkok design brand, celebrates its tenth anniversary by announcing a special viewing and auction of ten first edition, newly created pieces of furniture, lighting and jewelry. All proceeds from the online auction will go to the Chaipattana Foundation. The viewings started at Gaysorn Shopping Centre ground floor from October 7 to October 16, followed by a viewing at Thailand Creative and Design Centre (TCDC) from October 19 to October 24. The online auction will begin October 19 and the deadline will be 6pm on October 24.

How often are you asked the question “What’s new in Bangkok?” Well, to celebrate its first ten years, LAMONT, one of Thailand’s contemporary design brands, has created ten extraordinary new furniture, lighting and even never-seen-before jewelry pieces. All ten are to be exhibited at Gaysorn Plaza and TCDC over a fortnight before being sold by auction with all proceeds going to His Majesty the King’s Chaipattana Foundation.

LAMONT is well known for taking many of the great materials of the past and bringing them to life with exhilarating new form and textural directions. Myriad beads of shagreen envelop their furniture and lighting. Bronze is caste in lustrous tactile shapes that cry out to be touched. Gentle parchment wraps, lacquer glows and gold leaf reflects light. The results from the LAMONT workshops in Bangkok are considered some of the best contemporary Thai craftsmanship and material innovation.

Alexander Lamont, the Creative Director of LAMONT decided to hold the auction as a ‘thank you’ to Thailand and as a celebration of the ideas and skills of the hundred or so members of the LAMONT team. “We always try our best to do beautiful work but if the proceeds will go to the King of Thailand then there is a huge incentive to make an especially big effort.”

Included in the group is a stunning eight-legged credenza. The feet are capped with brass, the body in natural chocolate shagreen inlaid in a unique criss-cross manner never used by the Deco masters. Custom handles and hinges were caste and the top is a huge ledge of lost wax caste bronze. There is a pair of bronze wall sconces gilded with pure gold and caste from teak leaves. A bamboo form candelabra supports droplets of rock crystal. A thin elegant cabinet is covered with specially patterned parchment and features a brilliant bronze octopus handle.

Every item will be the first edition of limited editions ranging from 5 pieces to 75 pieces.

Asked what sort of prices the pieces might reach LAMONT was unsure. “I have no idea. We have very low reserves – less than the pieces cost to make. These are all first editions and totally unique. Enormous development work went into every item. Certainly our trade customers will be hoping to pick up some bargains that they can re-sell in Europe or the States.” Lamont goes on to say that “these pieces demonstrate the highest quality of modern Thai craftsmanship. It’s a special group of pieces that will directly support the Kings projects. In fifty years time they will be extremely collectable and valuable. They will have also given great pleasure and function to the owners throughout that time.”

The Chaipattana Foundation was established in 1988 by his Majesty the King. The foundation has brought real improvements to the life of countless people through effective development and environmental work in rural Thailand.

Every piece will have a unique brass plaque about that piece, the special event and the Chaipattana Foundation.

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