ANGO Presents New Products at Maison&Objet Trade Show in Paris

15.09.2012 18:50

Thai Company, ANGO, presents the Universe to customers in their innovative lighting designs.



“The Magic of Light” is what Ango is trying to accomplish with their innovative production processes and their materials development.  This philosophy and way of thinking has worked in the company’s favor to help them to create fresh forms and light fantasies.

It is impossible to look at the products of Ango and not be inspired by their continued work to find products made from natural materials. 

At their booth at Maison and Objet in Paris the company completely wowed their customers by introducing some of the most innovative lighting products on the market today.

The Filament Pendant lights are exquisite new creations in Lighting by Ango.  They are multi- layered steel filigree, before being finished in either gold or silver.  The material used creates a self supporting hand soldered steel wire matrix which is then either coated with nickel or gold and yet the lamps are soft to the touch.

Ango also presented a larger version of the Cascade Lamp, named aptly, the Super Cascade.  The dimensions of the light are 900x900x1500mm.  This makes for a stunning attraction to any home or place of business.

The Nature Boy lights were also a hit at the show.  This lamp is constructed from rattan wires that are formed into diffusers starting with a base structure and using the random weave technique that has been developed by Ango.

The Midnight Moon ceiling light was conceived to suggest a mysterious, dark object that emits light, simulating a sort of “dark star.”  The “atomized” structure of the piece is composed of silk cocoons arranged on a hand soldered wire matrix. 

The Double Soul is a hand soldered wire matrix with interwoven metalized thread and has the look of a planet floating in space and creating a glow in the universe.

Evolution (table) is comprised of Silk cocoon elements that are fixed and act as an open light funnel conducting light from the light source to the outside.  This way a highly regulated cellular world is created.

Please enjoy this gallery from this very innovative and creative company.

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