Demark Event Showcases Thai Talent in Product Design

28.02.2012 10:47

Demark Opening Ceremonies

Demark Roadshow 2012 kicks off today at a downtown Bangkok mall to show foreign travelers the capabilities of local designers. On exhibit are the creative works of Thai designers that have won the prestigeous Good Design Award (G-Mark0 from Japan.  The Thai designers and products will be agressively promoted by the Office of Product Value Promotion to design markets abroad.  All of the winners of Design Excellence (Demark) and G-Mark awards will be on display together until the end of the month at the Grand Hall on the first floor of Siam Discovery Complex. Prospective local and foreign buyers, visiting the show will be able to see all of the winners conveniently in one venue and free of charge. 

Design Excellence Award (DEmark) was created in 2008 in order to give recognition to outstanding product design.  It is in conjuction with the Export Award which is presented annually  by the Prime Minister under the auspices of the Office of Product Value Development, Department of Export Promotion, ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Government.  The winning product receives the DEmark logo to reflect it’s outstanding design, which can be used to mark the product’s distinguished quality, to add value to Thai products and to promote well-designed products in the international market. 

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