Eric Stocker, Master Technician of lacquer and gilding at Alexander Lamont

26.09.2012 16:09

Eric Stocker creates master pieces with lacquer and gilding techniques for Alexander Lamont
Eric Stocker





For over three years Eric Stocker has been the lacquer master at the workshops, training of artisans and producing of the pieces using the techniques of natural lacquerware and gesso work at Alexander Lamont.  Many lovely pieces have been produced because of the meeting of Alexander Lamont and this master of techniques, Eric Stocker.

Mr. Stocker worked with the iconic designer and lacquer artist, Pierre Bobot in Paris. He assisted Mr. Bobot and learned how to mix pigments, make the special glues, attend to the care of the brushes and other instruments.  Eric learned his craft in the traditional way through an apprenticeship under a Master.

In 1997 Eric was invited by the European Union to go to Cambodia to run a project assisting in the revival of the countries artisanal skills, a large part of this project was to be dedicated to lacquer and gilding skills.

Upon arrival in Cambodia, Eric realized that he would have to set up his lacquer training school from scratch.  During his 12 years in Cambodia, Eric was responsible for training 350 lacquer, gilding and gesso workers.

In 2009, Eric joined Alexander Lamont and immediately saw that his vision for innovation and traditions, was shared by Mr. Lamont.  Alexander Lamont and Eric Stocker continue to work together to embrace the natural beauty and process of lacquer by finding new traditions that are relevant to the world of design today.

Please enjoy the gallery showing the incredible techniques of lacquer and gilding in the Alexander Lamont line of products.

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