Catching Up With Kokoboard, Thailand's manufacturer of Natural Particle Board

09.03.2012 21:37


Thai company Kokoboard has recently been  successfull in  developing  new particle boards from natural raw materials of nut and sunflower shells.  Both the nutshell board and the sunflower board are available with a thickness of 10 mm as well as other sizes.  The boards are formaldehyde free, which is becoming a standard world wide. Much of the United States and other western countries  have passed laws where formaldehyde can not be used for boards for furniture now, so Kokoboard is completely in compliance with these laws.

Kokoboard is always moving forward with new and innovative ideas.  They are currently producing particle boards that have natural objects imbedded  in them and are using natural techniques to add color to their boards, these boards are made with seasonal flowers and fruits.

Kokoboard is a group of people who came up with the idea of using agricultural waste to make particle board. It was their desire to stop the deforestation and to extend the life of living green forests for future generations.  The company is driven by environmental and social missions such as saving trees by using innovative technology and to help alleviate poverty in the rural farming communities of Thailand.

My Thai Design salutes Kokoboard for their continuing work in finding innovative ways to help the country of Thailand and also to distribute sustainable products to the rest of the world.

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Comment by mma gloves | 11.07.2012

This is indeed a great news. The plus point of this particle boards is that it is made from natural raw materials.It is eco friendly too. Kokoboard has definately come up with a great product.Congrats

Comment by Tristan Titeux | 25.04.2012

Kokoboard is a great example of what we need more of. People who have solutions that are alternatives to wood but still natural, and are diverse so we don't just rely on one thing and a waste by product so even better than a raw product grown just for one thing, such as trees.

I am with Kokoboard all the way!

Tristan Titeux

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