Plato introduces their "Nest Chair" at the Slow Hand Design Exhibit in Milan 2012

30.05.2012 13:58

Plato at the Slow Hand Design Exhibit in Milan 2012
Plato Milan 2012 Nest Chair

SLOW HAND DESIGN Interweaving the Spirit of Thai Craftsmanship

17-22 April 2012

Superstudio Piu, Via Tortona, Milano, Italy

Thailand a land of colorful people and rich culture has also created an identity that differentiates it from other countries.  Their culture nurtures their skilled craftsmanship and handicraft works from a young age.  Objects, created by hand connect the Thai people to their heritage and history but also represent their present as well.

New blood influences the designs of the present and brings the local identity of craftsmanship into their modern industries.

Thailand’s pride of Design Excellence (DeMark) award showcases the craftsmanship and the new design development to reflect the inseparable relations between local creative wisdom and the global context of industries.

La Cage aux Folles

The Nest Chair

The interwoven “birds nest” effect of Plato’s Nest Chair is created by a wood joining technique that requires meticulous handcrafted carpentry work.  In order to join the pieces of the chair together, one must calculate before hand, the angles needed to construct the chair and to interweave all the joints together.  Although this chair resembles the complicated work of a nest, it is first and foremost, a unique seating option and a work of art at the same time.

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