Room Magazine Selection Awards - The Chairs of 2012.

07.11.2012 20:37

Room Magazine picks the best of the best chairs for 2012 with their Room Selection Awards.
Room Selection Awards - Chairs 2012

Room Magazine, Thailand has made their choice for the Best Chairs of 2012.  The Room Selection Awards have been awarded to the following chairs and Thai Brands.  

1. Arms Chair by Milli Matter/Thinkk Studio

2. Boulder  

3. Bung Stool by Stil

4. Dashed Chair by 101 Factory

5. Dominique by Corner 43 Decor

6. Itim Collection by 5X5

7. Pack Series by Take Home Design

8. SMood Classic Dining Chair by Plus Sense Co. Ltd.

9. Star Stool by Deesawat

10. Third Collection by 248 Studio

Enjoy our gallery of these outstanding creations that show just how different a chair can be.

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