T-Style Goes Green

15.10.2010 13:15

T-Style Ecology
T-Style Ecology

T-Style starts a new chapter through the support of DEP and Thai Trade Center Hiroshima. Mr. Toshiyuki Kita, known for his designs produced under well-established Italian and Japanese brands for 30 years, continues to be the visionary behind the initiative.

T-Style, a concept display of Thai designs for export, launched its new phase titled “T-Style Ecology” in Osaka, Japan during the LIVING & Design Exhibition from September 29th through October 2, 2010.

Followers of MyThaiDesign will recall the initial phase of the project unveiled at TIFF earlier this year. An interview with Mr. Kita can be watched here at time count 3:33.

Deesawat, Pimpen, Performax, Kiosk, Benja, and Plantation were the six Thai companies to showcase their goods as “T-Style Ecology”. The foundation of this theme is built upon the development of products using ecologically-sound resources in combination with an inspiring mix of materials.

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