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The award winners for this years 2012 TIFF AWARDS have been announced for the INSIDE OUTSIDE International Design Competition at Thailand’s International Furniture Fair in Bangkok, Thailand.

The TIFF 2012 Award is organized by DITP, The Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Government, the TIFF Thailand International Furniture Fai rand the International Architecture and Design Magazine,Designboom. 

At this years TIFF Show, 30 design items were selected from over 3,000 submissions by designers around the world. The three winning pieces were then selected by a panel of judges who are furniture design experts.

 This year’s jury consisted of the following individuals from the design industry.

 Benjamin Hubert - Industrial Designer, UK

Ezri Tarazi - Industrial Designer, Israel

Visiondivision - Architects, Sweden

Eggarat Wongchartit - Industrial Designer, Thailand

Brigit Lohmann - Editor in-Chief Designboom, Italy


 The Categories of the Award and the winners of each category are as follows:


  POOL AND PATIO - This years winner in the category of Pool and Patio is Chao Huang from China/Finland.

His winning design is called the A-bed.  The A-bed is made for chilling out at the beach, in the garden and at the pool.  It has two adjustable built-in sun shadow curtains that make it enclosed and private for relaxation but still allow you to catch the sun’s glorious rays.  It’s construction is durable but it is also able to fold up to make storage of the unit easy and space saving.


HOME  INTERIORS - This years winner in the Home Interiors category is Bo Reudler and Olav Bruin, The Netherlands.

Their winning design is called Bamboo Windsor Chair.  The aim of this re-design of the well know Windsor Chair, is to heighten the reputation and aesthetic of bamboo furniture, and to use the inherent qualities of the natural material, bamboo, to create mass products that are all individual.  Bamboo is among our most sustainable resources but it is not always shown for the qualities of the material and what it can bring to furniture creation.  The Windsor chair is an iconic design that is know throughout the United States and Great Britain and has been a popular choice in furniture for many years.

In this design, East and West are united by the western aesthetics of the Windsor chair and the craftsmanship and materials of Thailand.  Local Thai bamboo ‘pang sang’ (dendrocalamus strictus) known for it’s strength and solid structure, is used in conjunction with bamboo plywood and rattan.  By coating the bamboo with a natural paint (red, black and white), the tradition of painting Windsor chairs, as well as referencing the look of eastern lacquered furniture is brought to one’s mind.


HOTEL AND HOSPITALITY - This years winner in the Hotel and Hospitality category is Eyal Soodai and Sooda-E- Design Studio / Israel.  

Their winning design is called KOH (ISLAND IN THAI).  This award winning design is based on a modular seating system that refers to Thailand’s famous and exotic islands and also to it’s beautiful resorts.  The design’s main objective is to give one the feeling of absolute freedom; the same feeling one can connect with upon arriving in Thailand.  Because of it’s shape and layout of it’s pieces, it encourages people to interact with each other and it also lets the user feel as though the space they are in is less restricted, even in a hotel lobby or Spa, etc.


HONORABLE MENTION - Honorable Mention has been awarded to Heesung Baek/ South Korea/ France, for his creation of the Raindrop Xylophone. The design lets you relax with the sound of music being made by “falling raindrops”.  The peaceful, and natural sound can lull you into a serene space right in the middle of the city.


My Thai Design congratulates all of the entries and the winners of this prestigious Award.  We are always amazed at the creativity of design and products that are presented each year as entries into the 2012 TIFF AWARDS.  

My Thai Design would like to credit Designboom for presenting us with the information needed to write this article and for their generous use of their photos

This project has been a shortlisted entry of the TIFF award designboom competition. )

 a catalog of the competion can be downloaded at this address:

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