Yothaka debuts new products at Maison & Objet in Paris 2012

17.09.2012 20:13

Yothaka presents new products that further enhance their collection of fine furniture and accessories.



Thai company Yothaka, established in 1989, is known for pioneering the use of the water hyacinth in Thailand furniture and the manufacturing process.

The company distinguishes itself through it’s creativity and dynamic designs and also because they are constantly reconstructing their collections and continue to come up with new, fresh ideas and materials each year. Yothaka utilizes a range of craft techniques to produce their furniture besides their signature water hyacinth, including yan liapao, opium poppy and pineapple paper and others.

At this years Maison and Objet show in Paris, September 7 - 11th, Yothaka introduced new products to further enhance their already very well designed, creative line. 

One of these new products was their Emmanuele Chair.  An exquisite piece of furniture made from Poly Ethylene but looking surprisingly like wicker. The blending of colors in this piece works together to form a handsome, well crafted chair.

The Ta-Nuu Armchair displayed a two toned weaving method that was new to the company, who has been experimenting with different weaves in their new line of furniture.

 The father and son duo of Cham-Armchair and Jr. Chan-Armchair was presented in solid colors and a trend right stripe that could mix and match in the category. 

Also known for their accessory line, new candle holders looked modern and fresh and would be a welcome addition to any room in the house.

Please enjoy the very distinct and well crafted gallery of new products from Yothaka.


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