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09.12.2011 07:27 (comments: 0)

DEP talks about upcoming TIFF 2012

Learn more about what you can find at TIFF 2012

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08.12.2011 19:30 (comments: 0)

SACICT craftsmen at work

"Behind the scenes" look at beautiful Thai products in the making

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01.12.2011 21:50 (comments: 0)

Wonderable vases covered in Dutch trinkets from Thailand

Fun vases that bridge Thai techniques with Dutch traditions

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29.11.2011 19:53 (comments: 0)

SACICT's peacock display at Maison & Object Paris

Check out the images in the gallery to see what beautiful work is coming from SACICT.

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15.05.2011 22:18 (comments: 1)


Asian Art Imports travels to Thailand and TIFF looking for new, inspiring products and to source suppliers.

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12.05.2011 17:12 (comments: 0)

Qualy is Looking for Quality People

Qualy is looking for new members to join its Design Team.

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